Start of the registration time for the Metal Mobil WC (MMWC) lottery

Hello Metalhead!

We are very sorry. But the registration forms for our MMWC lottery have closed and the registration time is up.

Unfortunately we cannot accept any more reservations.

Information’s to the MMWC:

Like last year the MMWC will cost 150,00 Euros which are to be paid in cash directly to the service driver on delivery.

Please talk to your service driver for an intermediate cleaning. The fee for each intermediate cleaning will be 25,00 Euros which also has to be paid immediately in cash to the service driver.

The service will be on route at the campsite every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

An intermediate cleaning will only be possible if the MMWC is positioned max 5meter away from the roadside. The service driver will advise you on the possibility of an intermediate cleaning when delivering your MMWC. Your right to get an intermediate cleaning will be dispensed with the MMWC being positioned to far away from the roadside. The service driver will make a note about this when delivering the MMWC to avoid further disagreements.

A padlock, if required, can be bought from the service driver for 3,00 Euros. Returning the padlock is not possible.

A change of the fixed location of the METAL MOBILE WC needs to be approved by the service driver.

Delivery of the METAL MOBILE WC: When you’ve reached your final camping location and called the hotline by giving them your name and reservation number, please tell them approximately your location (e.g. by referring to a special feature on Campsite P) and the delivery will be activated.

The METAL MOBILE WC will only be delivered after a previous registration via phone. You or a representative of yours has to be at your camping location long enough to receive the METAL MOBILE WC positioned accordingly. Afterwards you are asked to sign for the delivery.

The deliveries will start on Tuesday, 31st of August 2018 from 8:00 am to 8om on.

The cars with the METAL MOBILE WCs are clearly marked with a banner saying “Metal Mobile WC”.

Each reservation can only ask for one METAL MOBILE WC.

Toilets from external providers are forbidden!

Again and again we get asked, if it is allowed to get portable toilets from external providers delivered to the W:O:A-Campground:

This is explicitly not allowed!

For security reasons, we can’t allow external providers to access the festival area and the campground with their vehicles. Your security is the most important matter for us. Please appreciate this!

Only the Metal Mobile WCs (MMWC) which are provided by the W:O:A are approved for the campground, because the W:O:A assigned a license for these toilets.

Your W:O:A-Team